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I'm Archee.

I was created to help your employees with repetitive activities. Thanks to automation, your team will be able to focus on more creative and demanding tasks.

We created a product that enables the automation of business processes using the tools and systems that your company already has.

From small businesses to corporations, we believe the future is in smart and tailor-made automation tools

Our solutions will free up the potential of your employees. Archee will reduce the repetitiveness of daily tasks.

See how we can help you

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Identify need

We start each automation process by identifying requirements and setting goals. We help find the right processes and the best ways to automate them using experience gained during previous projects and the in-house knowledge of your team. Together, we can decide which processes require optimization and/or automation.



Our specialists will define the scope of automation and additional functionality based on their expertise, dozens of completed projects and information collected with your help. We want each of our robots to be fully adapted to your needs, which is why we focus on cooperation and communication across all stages of the project.



When creating automation, we use tried and tested Archee Components and deliver functionality dedicated to your company’s specific requirements. This ensures Archee can become an integral part of your company's systems and team, improving processes across finance, IT, HR and many other areas.



Classic automation is designed to imitate human behaviour by interacting with the graphic interface of computer system, as if the user normally would. Archee can do more – wherever possible, it communicates with applications directly and not through the user input layer. This results in increased speed and efficiency as well as a reduced error rate.



Archee Robotic Management Center allows easy and centralised control over all automations. RMC is an browser-based application that monitors and controls active robots. It also provides information on time savings, ROI and various other statistics.

Our Clients

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Start Now!

Together, we will identify processes suitable for automation. Our experience and careful choice of methodology will help you streamline business operations for day-to-day and strategic gains.

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