About us

The creators of Archee are specialists in computer science, Robotic Process Automation and business consultants from ARC Consulting Group. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, we provide IT solutions that support organizations in effective, smart operations.

We create smart automation

Robotic Process Automation is currently one of the most desirable technologies in small businesses and the largest Shared Services Centers worldwide. We believe that process automation should be implemented wisely, based on the actual needs of the company.

That's why we created Archee,

our response to the need for optimal and effective automation.

All of our robots use tools and systems in the Microsoft environment that your company already has at its disposal. This means you will not be exposed to additional costs associated with licenses or hardware. When creating dedicated solutions, we use tried and tested Archee Components, which significantly improves the delivery time.

Archee in numbers



131 k

Robot working hours




Robots in assistant mode

9 months

Average ROI

5 weeks

Average project duration

We know that a good automation is one created together with the client, tailored to the real needs of the company.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the processes we automate, we can help you achieve the best results. Our specialists will provide expert advice on which processes require optimization and/or automation.

Our customers

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