Automation with Archee

Robotic Process Automation is a modern alternative to repetitive and routine tasks in the office. Archee uses the tools and systems your company already has to fully automate invoice approval, running reports or publishing analysis results.


Each of our robots is built with reliable components, selected and enhanced in line with the unique requirements of your company. This makes every Archee instance unique and perfectly suited to the tasks assigned.


Archee supports logon to software in the Microsoft environment, ERP systems, internet or console applications. Access to accounting software, HR software or documents on the SharePoint platform will allow Archee to perform actions such as downloading reports, invoice accounting, sending emails, making payments and many more

Data Processing

Data analysis, data matching and complex calculations are not a problem! Your robot will check the currency type, recognize the zip code, account number, name or employee number. Using structured data, it can perform calculations for things such as the number of employees or amount due to supplier. Using a knapsack algorithm, it can also match invoices with items on your bank statement. And this is just Archee warming up…

Data Interpretation and Cleanup

Archee can import and analyse data from various sources, such as email, PDF documents and websites. This allows it to interpret the information obtained by matching it with the appropriate categories and the desired format, e.g. date, value, SWIFT code. Bank statements or employee data from various sources will be correctly ordered and prepared for further processing. Archee will also remove redundant characters and symbols to ensure data quality and improve readability.

Operating Modes

Each robot delivered is fully adapted to your needs. Depending on your requirements, Archee can be your on-demand assistant or run independently in the background. With Archee, every process can be honed to the needs and demands of your business environment.

Event Log

Archee's work is constantly monitored. Thanks to the Management Center, you will know which robots have already completed their tasks, which robots have tasks pending and their schedule, as well as information on employees initiating robots. You will receive e-mail notifications in case of an error or upcoming completion of scheduled activity.


Many documents and reports are delivered via e-mail. Thanks to a dedicated component, Archee is able to search your mailbox, analyse and import content including attachments and send messages. This allows you to automate the operation of a mailbox and, in combination with other components, further data processing.

Downloading and Uploading files

Archee can download and transfer data from and to the system, application, e-mail or website. Using this module, the robot can download a file, export it to the selected format and transfer data to the correct transaction within your ERP system, application, SharePoint portal and many others.

Software Version Control

Your Archee will always be up to date. A software version check is performed on initiation so that only the latest versions of robots are performing tasks. Users attempting to initiate an outdated robot will receive a message requesting them to update the robot and a download link.

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