Management Center

Do you need to automate multiple independent processes? Not a problem! Archee can report progress to the Management Center in real time so you don’t have to monitor each robot individually. The Center gives you full control over every robot and its tasks.


The Management Center is available through a web browser wherever you are. This is where you can check who has launched each robot, receive that report you were waiting for, and also gain information on the level of automation in your company or the savings achieved thanks to your robots.


Each of Archee’s functions is described in great detail. This is where you will find information on all robots synced to your Management Center. The Database stores general information such as the name of the robot, its description and documentation, owner name, as well as a backup and full history of robot status and version changes.


At any time, you can generate a report to summarise Archee’s work. All you have to do is use one of the built-in report templates. You can focus only on the robots assigned to you, all robots working in your company or in a specific department. Each report provides information on the owner, number of launches, savings achieved, recent activity status and many other relevant parameters.


Planning Archee’s work is easy thanks to the scheduler – a simple activity calendar that allows you to schedule and control your robots. All you need to do input several basic parameters.

  • Indicate which robot should perform a task.
  • Specify the estimated time needed to complete the work by the robot.
  • Provide start date and time.
  • Set recurrence.

Each robot can follow an individual schedule.

Start on Demand

This functionality allows you to start the robot outside of its schedule, whenever you are in urgent need of data or reports. Archee will seamlessly resume scheduled work afterwards.

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