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AFSS challenges

Auditor calendar is checked manually on a daily basis to find updated deadlines for controller’s report check. The task is time consuming end prone to errors. The risk of missing deadlines is very high.

Intrastat reports for selected companies and countries is prepared based on many reports extracted one by one with the use of numerous transactions in ERP system. Figures from various files are manually consolidated and calculated. This manual intervention on different stages of the process increases risk of errors and decreases process efficiency Preparation of data is the main focus, time available for output verification is limited.

Ineffective manual dispatch to the auditor who is then obliged to archive documentation in a shared network folder.

Archee in numbers


reports monthy


supported group companies


supported countries


time freed up for value-adding tasks

Archee works for Compliance

Unattended robot controls reports to be sent for auditor review, creates them using data from ERP and uploads reports to auditor Sharepoint folder on a daily basis.

Archee logs into auditor SharePoint calendar and controls Intrastat reports required for the day. It accesses ERP system, consolidates data from different reports, tables and transactions, performs calculations and saves report on local drive with an option to also save it in the auditor SharePoint folder.

Accountant reviews report, updates it if needed and sends to auditor.

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