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AFSS challenges

Report downloaded from ERP system by Accountant is compared to scan/ electronic version of remittance advice. Search criteria are reference number and amount but, since this is a manual comparison, error risk and time needed to perform the manual activity are significant.

Accountant has to clear all matching items one by one.

Non-matching items are manually assigned a reason code depending on the scenario at hand. The number of possible scenarios is very large.

Very complex process prone to human error and inaccuracies. Inherent problems of manual work are compounded by the transactional character of the activity and very high volume.

Archee in numbers


supported clearing scenarios

50 h

time freed up for value-adding tasks

Archee works for ITC

Archee supports different clearing scenarios depending on the method of payment (e.g. bank transfer, check) or method of issuing the invoice (e.g. EDI).

Accountant uploads remittance advice to robot, indicates company code and client number.

Archee logs into ERP system, downloads open items for selected client accounts, checks and reconciles amounts between ERP system and remittance advice. It also prepares a report for Accountant with reconciliation statuses and clearing hints for non-matching items.

Accountant can make changes to any item on the list and approve it for clearing. Robot logs into ERP system, clears open items using the appropriate system transaction. Distribution scenarios can be fully customized by users.

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