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AFSS challenges

Assignment of invoices to AP employees is performed manually using Team Leader’s intuition and gut feeling. Their experience and information available (e.g. current absences) are the decision drivers. In certain cases, the Team Leader’s decisions can have a negative impact on employee motivation. Team Leader’s absence leads to chaos in the assignment process.

Team Leader informs employees about invoice processing assignment during team meetings, which increases risk of misunderstanding and omissions.

Time-consuming, complex process with multiple invoice distribution scenarios, reliant on the decisions of a small group of employees. This reduces BCP effectiveness as employees tend to have the same type of invoices assigned on the basis of on subjective assessment.

Archee in numbers

32 500

invoices distributed monthly

92 h

time freed up for value-adding tasks


supported distribution scenarios

Archee works for PTP

Twice a day, Archee distributes incoming invoices in ERP system, relieving three team leaders.

Robot logs into ERP system, creates a report with unassigned invoices and assigns them to AP employees on the basis of the configuration (distribution scenarios). It also informs employees about their assignments via e-mail.

Distribution scenarios can be fully customised by users.

Current scenarios are based on company code, vendor number, employees currently available, preferred company code or vendor. Invoices can be distributed equally among employees or in accordance with user-defined ratios.

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