RTR – Intercompany Recharges Robot


Amer Sports

AFSS challenges

Accountant manually generates extensive report from ERP system with a listing of items per cost center and internal orders.

Employee creates hundreds of inter-company invoices with recharges and manually posts them to both companies’ books, increasing risk of omission.

Ineffective process prone to human error, omissions, and inaccuracies. The number of possible invoicing scenarios is very large.

Archee in numbers


invoices issued monthly for AR and AP accounts


time freed up for value-adding tasks


supported group companies

Archee works for RTR

Unattended and attended robots supporting inter-company cross-charges with many invoicing scenarios for 295 cost centers and 76 internal orders.

Archee accesses ERP system, generates a listing of items per cost center, checks the amount subject to inter-company reclassification, prepares journal entries for both companies.

Accountant verifies the journal entries, uploads them to ERP. Robot creates invoices (XLS or PDF files) and distributes them via e-mail to defined recipients.

Other functionalities:

  • Automatic upload of attachments to journals posted in ERP system;
  • Unposted invoices from the previous periods matched with the knapsack algorithm;
  • Distribution scenarios can be fully customized by users.

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